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Voiceover & ADR

Bay Eight takes every Voice Over with the most pride, attention, and detail. Our goal is to provide the best quality recording to our clients. Our Miami sound engineers are experienced in bringing out the best performances from any talent. We know it’s all about workflow, so our sound engineers are committed to upholding the recording process most efficiently while keeping voiceover talent engaged and focused on the project goals. Aside from critical listening, file management, and mic techniques our studios are designed for voice-over and ADR with matched screen capabilities.

About Voiceover

Voiceover narration or dialogue is spoken by an unseen narrator or an onscreen character. The most popular voiceover work is heard in a movie, commercial or documentary spoke a character whose thoughts were revealed in a voice-over.

About ADR

Automated dialogue replacement (ADR) voiceover is the process of re-recording dialogue in a studio to take the place of the recorded vocals on a recorded set.



Breathtaking power and ultimate clarity in an accurate listening environment. Equipped with the SSL AWS console, LED mood lighting, top-of-line acoustics, and a selection of high-performance speakers.


An impeccable vocal tracking experience in a cozy space. Pristine radio sound quality with modern vintage decor stocked with the latest plugins, preamps, and compressors.


A serene creative space with an open layout perfect for recording demos, singing, editing, and writing/production sessions, featuring 24ft ceilings and a recently updated iso booth.