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miami’s top
music producers
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If you’re an artist looking for professional beats, we got you. Bay Eight Recording Studios provides a large variety of music production services. We got pro beatmakers that will give you beats for all types of genres, from trap beats to R&B instrumentals. Our professional music producers are able to work with artists from all over the world. You don’t have to be local in order to work. with us.

Online or In-Person Music Production

We offer full music production services by cultivating or curating what an artist represents. If you have a concept in your head we can make that concept a reality. Since every musician is unique and deserves a unique approach, we are here to bring the artist’s musical vision to life. Our Miami music producers are experienced, professional, and can handle working in teams or with artists individually. Many of our music producers have been plugging away for years creating records for major corporations and musicians alike.

Professional music production is a creative and technical process. It demands a well-developed set of skills, vast experience in recording techniques, deep musical knowledge, and effective project management and leadership skills by a music producer, also known as a record producer. Our producers specialize in producing across all genres while providing professional guidance, with a focus on music selection, vocal performance, and how to draw the greatest emotion from any song.

Each step of your journey into creating your music is defining, important, and brings new knowledge and proficiency. As you progress along the way, bask in all the different styles and vibes of music production you can.

What is music production?

Music production refers to the process of creating a song. It usually involves editing recorded audio – with a digital audio workstation (DAW), effects units, and computer software – adding new sounds, and finally mixing it all together.

Songs are created from sounds made by instruments or vocals. These sounds can be sampled from commercial CDs or drum machines. They can be made from a synthesizer or a computer.

If you have an idea for a song, our producers will create the sounds and instruments to match your vision. Our music production services are ideal for artists who want their own sound.

What services does a music producer provide?

A producer is not only a songwriter or composer but also an arranger and performer. A music producer must be able to take the direction of the artist as well as provide their own creative input. The ultimate goal is to make sure that all parts of the production come together in a way that fits the theme and vision outlined by the artist.

What we can do!


Vocal Production


Song Arrangement

Song Editing



Film Scores

How much does it cost for a music producer?

There is no set price for a music producer since each option provides a unique solution to your musical needs. It all depends on the type of service you will need and how much time we will take to complete your project. Contact us to book your sessions and discuss music production pricing.



Breathtaking power and ultimate clarity in an accurate listening environment. Equipped with the SSL AWS console, LED mood lighting, top-of-line acoustics, and a selection of high-performance speakers.


An impeccable vocal tracking experience in a cozy space. Pristine radio sound quality with modern vintage decor stocked with the latest plugins, preamps, and compressors.


A serene creative space with an open layout perfect for recording demos, singing, editing, and writing/production sessions, featuring 24ft ceilings and a recently updated iso booth.