“Indie” is not a genre?

Indie is not a genre, in fact there is a new music discussion website that started in Germany named after the topic itself! Indie Music has been more so of a community that has grown to connect to parts of the world and has reached out to artists and listeners of all styles. From Lo-fi to classic rock, hip hop/trap to Jazz.

Bay Eight Recording Studios Blog -Is Indie a genre?

Indie Musicians Jamming

Hence the name Indie (independent) the music placed under this title is considered to have a “Do it yourself” Approach where the limits and laws of traditional music are thrown away and the project from the ground up is created. Whether in a bedroom, garage or an attic, the Indie music is certainly a class of its own. So next time you see an artist catalog or a folder labeled “Indie” music genre, Consider hearing it and imagine the moment of creation. You could be listening to a record made under very unique circumstances.

By Jacob Hargis