Denmark is a Scandinavian country in Western Europe. It has the seventh highest employment rate in the world. It is also home to 2018 Grand Slam Title winner Caroline Wozniacki.
However, the world of audio champions a different Danish offspring. We celebrate the innovation of the Pultec CL1b, born right in Denmark. It’s gained significant notoriety for its lack of noise and distortion while in use.

Its creator,John G. Peterson decided 33 years ago that 1985 would not mark the end of the ever so popular tube based studio gear. John took his knowledge of broadcast equipment to develop a series of equalizers and compressors. He made it his mission to dissect the technology that made this gear a staple of 70’s music. His tireless efforts helped to spawn the CL1b in 1991.

It’s almost impossible to find a credible recording studio today that doesn’t have this vintage gear as part of their arsenal.
Grammy award winning mixer Richard Furch credits the Pultec CL1b for making vocals leaner and highlighting their detail. It has become his go to gear for adding sheen to some of today’s greatest vocal artists. He’s worked with established acts such as India Arie, BJ the Chicago Kid, and Tyrese Gibson.

The CL1b has made its way overseas and into the hearts of several award winning mixers/engineers. Pay a visit to Bay Eight,Miamis best Recording Studio to experience it first hand and see what the hype is all about.